Cold Water Soluble PVA film for Embroidery Backing

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PVA Cold Water Soluble Film

PVA Water Soluble Exporters

This film is made from water soluble polymers, having the appearance of a common plastic film.

It has unique characteristic of completely dissolving in water at room temperature.the dissolved film disappears in water like sugar or salt and the ingerdients of the film change their appearance but remian present as dissolved solids in water which washed or flushed out after use.

The rate of dissolution depends on agitation, water temprature, amount of water and thickness of the film

This PVA film has proved to be a revolutionary film with its multiple uses which has been acknowledged and hailed by not only satisfied users but also ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (E.P.A)strongly recommends in packing agriculture chemicals and pesticides in this PVA film as it is completely bio degradable and safe for environment and with time to come the use of this film not only going to increase but also indispensable because of its bio degradability, and eco-friendly with multiple uses.