PVA Water Soluble Film for Industrial Chemicals

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PVA Water Soluble Film for Industrial Chemicals

Water Soluble PVA Film India

Our organization is engaged in manufacturing and exporting PVA Water Soluble Film for Industrial Chemicals of superior quality at the best economic prices. The offered product is used as a packaging material for chemicals in various industries. This PVA film reduces the overall cost of shipping and packaging. PVA Water Soluble Film for Industrial Chemicals has a high degree of water solubility. It is widely used for packaging of auto dish detergents and laundry detergents, water treatment chemicals, dyes & pigments, industrial batch chemicals and much more.

PVA Water Soluble Manufacturers

Pesticides or agricultural chemicals when packed in pouches made of PVA film. the user is not exposed to harmful chemicals, and also the exact per determined quantity is used, and no contaminated packaging is to be disposed off.This also prevents inhalation of potentially dangerous product and eliminates product loss from spils, hence safe and economical for use.

Besides this film is anti-static, nontoxic, odour retentive, gas and solvent resistant, impermeable to bacteria and virus, printable and above all fully bio degradable

It can also be used in packing of detergents(liquids or powder)Which are sized for a single load of laundry, cleaner, disinfectants, pigments, dyes and many more other chemicals can be packed

Heat sealing can be done with conventional plastic sealing machine including hot bar, impluse and sonic sealer.the temprature, seal time and pressure should be adjusted for proper packing.